If PC*MILER|Tolls is licensed and installed, preferences for toll cost reporting can be selected in the File menu > Application Settings > Tolls


Sets the U.S. Dollars to Canadian Dollars currency conversion rate. This option can be edited.  The default conversion rate for PC*MILER 35 is 1 USD in CAD = 1.26.

Discount Programs

All available toll discount programs are listed and enabled by default. To disable all discount programs, click Deselect All, or uncheck the programs to exclude. (To completely disable toll cost calculations, turn off Show Toll Costs in Reports in the Routes tab > Options > Reporting Preferences.)  

Note: If any changes are made to the check boxes, they must be made each time the PC*MILER application is closed and re-opened.

State/Country Distance Report

This option generates a breakdown of toll costs by discount program in the State/Country Distance Report and is unchecked by default.