Your Routing, Your Way.

  • Define locations with truck entry and exit gates for improved last mile routing and directions
  • Create, manage, and share custom location and route management content for operational consistency
  • Generate realistic ETAs with Hours of Service stop durations and break locations in route plans

Get Up to Speed

Operate on the industry standard to ensure optimal performance, profitability, and safety in every route you plan.

Enhance Route Planning & Asset Utilization

Generate accurate mileage results and drive times down to the last mile with address to address routing

Select Practical, Shortest, or Fastest routing based on preferences for time and cost

Make critical routing decisions with predictive and real-time traffic and weather conditions

Maximize Revenue & Control Costs

Easily compare alternative route options by displaying the miles, drive times, and toll costs for each route in the same window

Access live diesel fuel prices when searching for and routing to fuel stop POIs

Reduce non-revenue mileage by pre-planning HOS breaks and stop locations

Improve ETAs & Ensure Compliance

Generate transit times and ETAs using predictive and real-time traffic data

Set vehicle and routing profiles to keep drivers and assets safe on legal roads

Input mandatory HOS break durations directly into the route plan

Smart Route Planning
That Checks Every Box

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Using the Hours of Service Manager within PC*MILER


Locate the HOS Manager icon in the Routes tab on the ribbon bar. Once you've run a route, click on the icon to insert driver HOS breaks.


Enter the driver's available remaining HOS and, optionally, expected stop times at each stop along the route.


Easily "Accept" or "Change" the break locations.

No matter where in the supply chain, PC*MILER can help achieve any operational goal:

True Cost Route Planning

Carriers can efficiently pre-plan with commercial vehicle routing data for accurate mileage, as well as incorporating traffic and toll data into the route

Successful Negotiations

Shippers, 3PLs and Brokers get accurate rates for lane analysis and carrier selection

Operational Consistency

Drivers get the safe, compliant and cost-effective routes you’ve planned

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For-hire Carriers Use Industry Standard PC*MILER

2018 Transport Topics Top 100 For-Hire Carriers Truck icon

Commercial truck data you won’t find anywhere else.

Our single source of North American map data powers our entire suite of solutions, you won’t find anywhere else. Providing complete consistency from the back office to the cab.


National Network roadway miles with 53’ truck allowances


Roadway miles with truck length, height, width, and weight restrictions


Vertical bridge height clearances


Rest Areas, Truck Stops, Truck Fueling Stations, and Weigh Stations


Roadway miles with HazMat restrictions

Moving freight via rail?

Generate routes and mileage over the complete North American railroad system with PC*MILER|Rail

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