The most accurate and complete digital representation of the North American rail network.

  • Rail routes and mileage for rate determination and negotiation, equipment management, rail car mileage auditing, and carrier selection
  • 240,000 miles of rail line, over 49,400 active freight stations, 802 rail carriers, and over 4,000 unique junction interchanges
  • Six routing options including Shortest, Practical, Fuel Surcharge, Auto Racks, Intermodal, and Coal/Bulk
  • Industry standard station names and SPLC, FSAC, R260 junction codes, and custom naming options
Web Services

PC*Miler|Rail Web Services

Generate routes, rates, and reports without the need to purchase, install or maintain computer software

  • Custom integration within web-based applications running on a variety of platforms and/or frameworks
  • Access via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using SOAP and RESTful standards
User Guide
PC*Miler Connect

PC*Miler|Rail Connect

Leverage your existing infrastructure by integrating our software locally or in a network server environment.

  • Interface PC*Miler|Rail in a Windows environment to an application residing on another platform with PC*Miler|Rail TCP/IP
  • Excel Add Ins for fast calculations and customizable analysis
  • For use in an on-premise installation. Requires a base installation of PC*Miler|Rail
User Guide
PC*Miler|Rail BatchPro

PC*Miler|Rail BatchPro

Quickly summarize information for large volumes of rail movements.

  • Compile empty, loaded, and total rail mileage by equipment ID, railroad, or state/province
  • Process pairs of origin/destination locations using a variety of geographic codes including SPLC, FSAC’s, ERPC’s (3-3-3’s) and R260 junction codes
  • Requires a base installation of PC*Miler|Rail
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