PC*MILER|Rail-Connect seamlessly interfaces rail routes, mileage and reports with custom third-party applications.

What is PC*MILER|Rail-Connect?

PC*MILER|Rail-Connect Connect interfaces with custom third-party systems such as transportation and logistics management, costing and tracking software systems. Custom client applications are able to retrieve PC*MILER|Rail routes, maps, distances, detailed reports, state-by-state and railroad mileage summaries, and much more. Also includes the ability to access the PC*MILER|Rail database from within your own spreadsheet software.

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  • Seamlessly integrate PC*MILER|Rail into your production environment
  • Interact with the PC*MILER|Rail database through thread-safe Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to access the features of choice
  • Access full PC*MILER|Rail functionality with other Windows-based software applications
  • Calculate rail specific distances from within Microsoft® Excel®
  • On-premise installation
  • Retrieve PC*MILER|Rail distances, detailed reports, and mileage breakdowns by state and railroad
  • Utilize PC*MILER|Rail in a SaaS offering hosted by ALK with PC*MILER|Rail Web Services*
  • Automatically generate PC*MILER|Rail mileage from within Microsoft®Excel® for a variety of rail routing and operations analyses
  • Access to custom Add-ins into your spreadsheet program where formulas are exposed to gain access to PC*MILER|Rail data
  • On-premise installation
  • Seamlessly interface with third-party and custom systems to visualize railroads and individual rail routes.
*Applicable license required.
  • A base installation of PC*MILER|Rail must be licensed and installed. System requirements for the base installation apply.
  • Additional 10 MB hard disk space
  • 512 MB RAM (minimum)
Other Requirements
  • A development system for the PC*MILER|Rail-Connect interface (Interface definitions for Borland C++ 4.0 and Visual Basic 3.0 are currently supported, although many other systems can also utilize the DLL)
  • Internet Connection for License Activation (manual license activation also available)
  • Email Address for License Activation (manual license activation also available)
Licensing Options
  • Multi-User Network License
  • Enterprise License
  • Additional Copy License
For PC*MILER|Rail-Spreadsheets
  • Spreadsheet application (e.g. Microsoft® Excel® 5.0 or Higher)