Multi-Version Switch

Multi-Version Switch is an integration tool that supports multiple versions of PC*MILER|Connect installed on the same server.

What is Multi-Version Switch?

Multi-Version Switch is a high-end function of PC*MILER|Connect that serves as an integration tool designed to simultaneously support multiple versions of PC*MILER that are installed on one server or on several different servers. Instead of manually querying data from each individual version, the Multi-Version Switch functions as the main connection point to programmatically gain access to the PC*MILER version of choice.

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  • Simultaneously support multiple versions of PC*MILER|Connect on a single server or desktop computer
  • Reduce hardware expenses by decreasing the number of network servers that need to be supported along with their maintenance costs and setup fees
  • Cut labor costs by eliminating manual route entry processes
  • Enhance your competitive advantage by providing customers with contracts that can be made and kept using their PC*MILER version of choice
  • Road network includes truck restrictions and allowances: bridge heights and clearances, load limits, weight limits and allowances, left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions, truck through route designations, and urban road classifications – as well as truck-restricted, truck-designated, and truck-prohibited roads
  • Worldwide highway-level data coverage
  • Nationwide U.S. and Canadian street-level routing* and map database
  • Truck-specific toll costs* in the U.S. and Canada
  • Geocode and route to Mexican Postal Codes
  • Hazardous Materials Routing* and map database in the U.S. and Canada
  • 53-foot and twin trailer designations
  • State oversized and STAA route designations
  • U.S. ZIP Codes, Canadian Postal Codes*, Mexican Postal Codes, and Standard Point Location Codes (SPLC)*
*Applicable licenses required.
  • On-premise installation
  • Integration tool designed to support multiple versions of PC*MILER|Connect installed on one server or on several different servers simultaneously
  • Programmatically gain access to mileage information from the PC*MILER version of choice instead of manually querying data from each individual version
  • Support your bid preparation, accounting functions and customer contracts that may specify a different version of PC*MILER mileage
  • Benefit operationally from the fact that all PC*MILER versions installed can run on the same server, with the associated cost benefits of reduced hardware purchasing, and decreased cost of hardware maintenance where PC*MILER is installed
*A base license to PC*MILER is required for all value-add on's.
  • A base installation of PC*MILER or PC*MILER|Streets must be licensed and installed. System requirements for the base installation apply.
Other Requirements
  • AS400
  • Additional 3 MB hard disk space